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What to see in Paris this spring/summer, my top list :

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  1. Paul Klee at Pompidou Center until august 1st  : A genius ! It’s the easiest way to sum up this unclassifiable artist, creator of 10 000 artworks !  He never belonged blindly to a mouvement, and always called into question the greatest modernist trends,   from cubism, dadaism, surrealism, constructivism and abstraction, through the lens of irony, the best way to remain himself. His great sens of composition and his fabulous  taste for colours, textures and materials made him an outstanding artist in the art history of XX th century. Run to see this exhibition where 60 % of the works displayed are shown for the first time in France ! I could speak during hours about this show that is so unique and will make you feel good after visiting it, despite a political context at the end of his life which was tragic.
  2. Picasso-sculptures  in Picasso museum until august 28th : another genius, at ease in many artistic disciplines, including sculpture ! The great idea of this exhibition is to show the total mastery of this medium by the spanish master, from the very beginning to the end in the 70 ‘s, from tiny to monumental, from naturalistic to almost abstract, from wood to stone and metal… Don’t come to find paintings- actually you have just one floor in the museum devoted to this medium-  but that’s gigantic and really worth seeing ! Without forgetting the exhibition of amazing ceramic works, paintings and works on paper  from 1990 to today by famous spanish artist Miquel Barcelo, until september 30th.
  3. Douanier Rousseau in Orsay museum  until july 17th : yes painting is like poetry sometimes and we have a good example with this wonderful exhibition that you cross like a dream. It’s also a clever and new approach with parallel drawn with many art references.
  4. Guillaume Apollinaire, the gaze of a poet, in Orangerie Museum  until july 18th : the famous french poet who was the friend of avant-garde-artist like Picasso and lover of Marie Laurencin, was also an important art critic and theorist. He defended cubism, forged the label  “Orphism” for Delaunay ‘s colorful art,  wrote probably himself the manifesto of futurism, and introduced Paul Guillaume in parisian artistic circles, just to quote few artistic achievements on his short-but prolific-career ! If you like and want to explore the relationships between art and poetry at the beginning of the XXth century , this exhibition is definitely for you.
  5. Between sculpture and photography, at Rodin museum july 17th : with works by John Chamberlain (1927-2011), Cy Twombly (1928-2011), Dieter Appelt (born 1935), Markus Raetz (born 1941), Mac Adams (born 1943), Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978), Richard Long (born 1945), Giuseppe Penone (born 1947). These artists have in common the use of both medium : photography  and sculpture in their practice, but the approach and results are all different. An interesting angle of view to discover in this pleasant exhibition.

You can also visit my Insta for more images : parisdeluxarty

How to follow Paris ART WEEK until April 3rd ?

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Just visit and like my Insta account : parisdeluxearty   😉

You will find my personal selection for :

  • Salon du dessin ( Old Master Drawing Fair) in Bourse (Stock Exchange building)
  • Drawing Now (Contemporary Drawing Fair) in Carreau du Temple in Le Marais
  • Art Paris Art Fair  in Grand Palais
  • PAD (design and decorative art fair) in Tuileries gardens

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Let’s set Art in life and life in Art …

Racines(2) : dining with Martin Solveig…

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Let’s talk about n°2 before n°1 ! After success of Racines (the number 1), launched by David Lanher in 2009 in the oldest covered passageways of Paris from 1800 (Passage des Panoramas, near Grands Boulevards), Racines(2) opened last november, in a charming little street between Rue Saint Honoré and rue de Rivoli in 1st district (so many good tips around ! by the way Spring- that you may know- is just close to it). The street where Racines(2) is located is called rue de l’Arbre sec (the dry tree street), but you won’t stay dry for a long as this fabulous little place designed  by  famous french designer Philip Starck is also a wine bar with many good surprises that will delight your palate, trust the somelière !

The decor is a kind of neo-rusctic contemporry bistrot (raw materials, trophies on the wall, open kitchen, guest table…).

The food is naturally exquisite, thanks to the quality of fresh selected products worked with respect, revealing , better : emphasizing their truly nature. The young Chef Nicolas Gaudin, 30 only, worked at Laurent and during 6 years with Alain Passard (Arpège, 3 stars Michelin guide ! ). You then understand his talent for meats, fishes and vegetables. But  not only !   Pierre Hermé himself congratulated him for his skill with desserts.


The first time I had a dinner with friends there, Martin Solveig was just sitting at the table next to me !! Then we came back with american friends from NY who loved the place and good news : the team of Racines think about opening soon a restaurant in the big Apple !

The best private guide in Paris according to Le Meurice Palace Hotel

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Their latest newsletter has been released  just yesterday and …I’m in !!  Many thanks to Anne Vogt-Bordure-in charge of communication and Franka Holtmann, General Manager.

So don’t hesitate to book me if you’re coming soon to Paris. I remind you I’m a private guide graduate from Ecole du Louvre, Art Advisor and personal shopper for fashion and high jewellery…please visit my web site : (direct link on blogroll)

Hope to guide you soon !

Hugo&Victor : high patisserie in Paris !

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You know I’m a sweet teeth and I’ve discovered recently in my district  a new fantastic patisserie called “Hugo&Victor”(7 rue Gomboust 75001). It looks like a jewellery boutique but you can eat all the creations ! The chef, Hugues Pouget, had worked formely  for famous french chef Guy Savoy-so you can figure out the high level you find there.With Sylvain Blanc, his friend,  they decided to open a new kind of shop : the idea was to propose patisserie you have in a gastronomic restaurant as take away. And that’s a success : they opened one year ago the first shop in 7th district  and last december they open the one I’m talking about in the first district. They have  also now a corner in big department store Printemps.

The chef is working with traditional tastes like chocolate, vanilla and caramel on one hand-revisiting traditional “eclairs” , “choux” and chocolate tarts for example-  and more innovative or excentric tastes on the other hand, such as combawa (in green below)slightly tangy with a delicate lemongrass perfume,  or lychee (the best dessert I’ve ever eaten, definitly my favorite !)…

I do recommend also the little “financiers” (especially the one with cherries) elected the best in Paris by ‘Le Figaro”-a famous french newspaper-and I do confirm !

And if you want an original gift : their chocolate boxes look like a book …very ParisDeluxe&Arty indeed !

Pavillon Ledoyen, Mengès publisher 30 years celebration with writers

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Yesterday evening-monday- we were inviting Edwart and me to fabulous Pavillion Ledoyen on Champs Elysées, not far from Grand Palais to celebrate the 30 years of Mengès, our publisher. It was the writers’ party and we were treated so well !

First, the place is amazing : the restaurant exists since 1791 but was refurbished in 1842 by Hittorff and kept 2nd Empire interior desgin, among greenery and gardens. The chef has 3 Michelin stars so the cocktail was excellent ! the best I had since a very long time : foie gras that looked like caramel mini cakes, truffles white and black with consommé or fine omelette, perfect french cheeses (unforgettable saint Félicien, so creamy) and I’m not ashamed to say that I took 3 Kouin aman for dessert, a specialty from Brittany made only with sugar, butter and puff pastry ! The best in the world !!

What a nice evening to discover the latest art books released including ours !!

Edwart wrote a book about graphic art from XIVth to XXth century : “the masters of drawing” in english but it’s in french only. A very nice and affordable art book  to be initiated to graphic art through centuries with short but clarifying comments.

Mine is about masterpieces in modern and contemporary art, it will be translated in 4 languages, the one you see is in french. I’m so hapy, that’s my first book ! I will tell you when it will be released in english and how to get it.

It was made also as an easy introduction to modern and contemporary art through 777 masterpiecesk and I commented 200, I had to give in one sentence the idea of the work. I enjoyed that challenge very much.

The books will be available in France the first week of december.

We thank Isabelle de Tinguy and all Mengès team for their kindness and welcome.

thoughts for our friends in Moscow

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We are so sad  and thrown into confusion when we see right now the dramatic situation in Russia, especially around and in Moscow with all the people suffocating, suffering, and the land devastated…We think about all the people who received us so warmly and hope they are well.

We really hope the situation will improve very quickly.

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Hi ! I know my blog was originally designed for Paris lovers ; a blog filed with tips, informations and news about the french capital but it’s also a blog devoted to travels and I just come back from Russia : we enjoyed it soooo much. Me and my fiancé stayed 5 days in Moscow then 5 days in St Petersburg and I really loved Russia immediatly !! I will write next days posts about my trip , including picures, what to see absolutly, where to go, where to eat…

Our trip was so marvellous and enchanted that I really want to share it with you ! And I take advantage to say a thousand warmest thanks to Sacha and Gallina Avdeev, the russian minister of culture and his wife, who received us so well and treated us like VIPs !! we’ll never forget it !


Welcome to my blog

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helllo ! My name is Anne Muraro, I invite you to visit my web site to know me better : I wanted to write a blog about my (art) life for a long time and here it is ! I would like to share with you my passion for art, culture and luxury life style  in Paris and maybe other places I will visit…