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a magical trip to Bath at the Royal Crescent, relais chateau

Posted in art and culture, Bath, hotels and restaurants, luxury, travels on December 9, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

Hi ! I just came back yesterday from a marvellous trip my fiancé offered me for my birthday : we spent 4 days in Bath, near London. We stay in a fantastic place I do recomend for a honeymoon or celebration with a lover : The Royal Crescent, located in the famous crescent built by John Wood-we had John Wood suite by the way,a lovely bedchamber with a fire place and the view on the countryside.The hotel staff was very nice, professional and efficient, ask for Charlotte, she’s perfect !

On the morning of 7th when we woke up, it had snowed a little bit during the night and with the frost, all the countryside was recovered with a fine layer of white, better than a christams set !

You know my taste for spa and the one in the hotel is Georgian style, dark, made of stone and wood, it looks like you’re swimming in a chapel ! I looove it ! Perfect after an afternoon walk where we dicovered the famous roman bath vestiges and the abbey where college boys and girls rehearsed Chritsmas songs for the midnight mass. Magical, I told you !

The restaurant is delicious and the chef deserves one star at Michelin guide, hope he’ll have it soon. I can say we had the best fish and chips !! we ordered room service the last night, we wanted to stay quiet by the fire, looking at “Holidays” movie with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. I enjoyed a glass of Pomerol and a plate of english cheeses, my favorite is the Stilton.

The restaurant has a very good french somelier, don’t hesitate to ask his advice, he’s an expert.

The dinner for my birthday was excellent : quails terrine, creamy scallops as I never tasted, lambs, seabass, and a very special chocolate cake made for me , I’m was so happy ! A fairy tale …

Royal Monceau 5 stars hotel in Paris /Pierre Hermé

Posted in contemporary art, hotels and restaurants, luxury on November 4, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

I had the pleasure to guide last week Pierre Hermé  and his companion Barbara Rhil (will write a post about her shop in Paris later…). They are very charming and interesting  people.

By the way, Pierre Hermé opened a new shop 39, avenue de l’Opéra devoted to macaroons and chocolate only and he signs all the pastries and desserts in new Royal Monceau, so let’s talk about it !

If you want the ultimate top luxury experience in Paris, close to Champs-Elysées, in a contemporary and very refined atmosphere, Royal Monceau is made for you. I had the pleasure to visit it with Alexandre, the sales manager,   just before  it opened to the public mid-september, after 2 years work and a drastic transformation by acclaimed french designer Philippe Stark.

5 stars devoted to pleasure of the senses :

touch and admire the noble material all around you : natural leather only in order to obtain a unique patina with time,

precious wood that makes you feel like emboarding on a chic cruise in the 30’s with amazing vintage cristal chandelier.

Pierre Hermé for pastry chef  (I think he’s an artist and a genius !) and extraordinary italian restaurant alreay celebrated by very demanding parisian gastronomic critics !

You’ll find also a contemporary art gallery, with Basquiat drawings exhibition right now, plus an art bookstore specialised in multiples and  books by artists with vintage, and an Art concierge ready to help you in exploring Paris art life.

The hotel commisionned artist special works, like a painted ceiling in the restaurant by Stéphane Calais, a surrealist over-scale tea-pot by Joana Vasconcelos in the open courtyard, meanwhile a pack of deers carved in wood by a russian artist surprise you in the stairs !

Last but not least : there is a nice acoustic guitar in each room ! and, unique in Europe :  a private movie theatre, for 200 people, with the ultimate technology and comfort,  is located discretly inside the hotel ! !

The whole place just blew my mind ! Totally ParisDeluxe&Arty !

Saint Petersburg, a selection of hotels and restaurants

Posted in hotels and restaurants, Saint-Petersburg, travels on August 3, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

After 5 fantastic days in Moscow, we took the fast train to go to St Petersburg. Everybody in Paris prefers St Peter to Moscow but I enjoyed soooo much Moscow, I was even afraid to be disappointed by St Peter !

Be reassured, impossible to be disappointed ! more friendly for sure than Moscow at the first glance, more european. You can notice many great influences like Amsterdam with the canals, Vienne for the Baroque…lovely gardens and green spaces, perfect to wander around.

I’ll speak about their fabulous museums of course but they also have great places for dinner outside in summer, terrasse by the Neva on the “Flying dutchman” to admire the Hermitage.

Great service, very friendly and professional people (special thanks to Valeria, Alisa and the manager Karl Kutzelnig) and excellent cuisine at Kempinsky hotel and restaurant located on the top roof, so close to the Hermitage, the perfect place for a stay. We even met the french actress Carole Bouquet who was there to marry her son that week end !

In paris we have George on top of Pompidou center for Beautiful People , in St Peter they have the Terrassa. Fashionable, trendy and delicious place which is also a fine grocery.

Before  we left we had a lunch at famous cafe Singer, magnificent Art Nouveau style building, a book-store actually with a tea parlour and restaurant. fabulous strudel and pastries.

Cafe Singer

We stayed in a five stars hotel , very affordable,  infortunatly the service was not 5 stars level…but they had an incredible spa !! with a snow cabin, 8 differents styles of sauna/ steam rooms and a very cool pool ! we enjoyed it very much because we also has a heat wave in St Peter after the one Moscow.

Near Pouckine town, after a tour to the summer palace of the Great Catherine (very very russian baroque..mmmmm….well, everything is told ! 😉   don’t miss  the most fabulous place for us, sooo russian, I felt like beeing in a Kandinky painting from 1890’s, I can’t remember the name of that place but russians know it for sure : Poutine president celebrated his birthday in 2000.

The waiters have blue shirt with daisies, the waitresses are blond. The place is a huuuge isba, all wood inside (but air conditionning !), when we arrived around 2.30 pm there were two babouchka finishing their lunch, 2 popes in another room…we had a very delicious russian meal for  cheap and…caviar (for 50euros !!! great ! I like that so much !). You cannot imagine the feeling, it was like a dream, we were like Ansel and Gretel…the garden ouside was just marvellous, with animals, turkeys, chickens…

where to stay in Moscow and my favorite restaurants

Posted in hotels and restaurants, Moscow, travels on July 28, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

The most fashionable hotels and very well located are The Ritz-Carlton and The Park Hyatt, a stone throw from the Red Square.

Have a drink  on the top floor of the Park Hyatt, impressive view on Moscow.

My  favorite places for a diner :

– Baccarat restaurant :

located in a former casino (they are now forbiden all around Russia), impressive decor by Stark and Baccarat  of course. I’m already a fan of baccarat show room in paris and cristal room restaurant…The chef is french,from alsace  excellent tasting menu for 100 euros. Delicious mix between russian and french cuisine. Very Deluxe atmosphere and refined as well…

– Vogue Café. Trendy, elegant and tasty . Dress code : glamour

if you’re a Kamchatka crab’s fan, go ! delicious pastries too for afternoon tea.

Perfect place for a lunch or a drink.

Ok ok, my tips don’t look very russian, you would say… 😉 well, try this one :

Central House of Writers Restaurant

The House of Writers ‘ restaurant where we met the russian ambassadors in Madrid and Amsterdam…

For connoisseurs only, the best herrings with potatoes I’ve ever had !! excellent bortsch too, delicious zakouski, the perfect russian dinner in a cosy atmosphere. Go there with theatre peole or writers.

We celebrated Edwart’s birthday that evening and Sacha and Gallina offered a chocolate cake from famous Café Pouchkine (their Ladurée !), mmmm !  excellent !

Very cutting edge/ trendy, the places to go absolutly !! :

the Garage of course and Winzavod, 2 centers for very contemporary art, with cool and tasty restaurants :

will tell you soon about my favorite museums and places !!!