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Gaelle Chotard exhibition at Claudine Papillon gallery, Paris, until march 26th

Posted in art gallery, contemporary art, Paris on February 6, 2011 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

I’ve already talked about her work during la Fiac -I’m a  fan- and got one piece from her : a miniature heart, hand made, soft and coloured. In her new show and second personal exhibition you can discover drawings (watercolours), installations , photograph. Always beetween an organic and abstract floating world, subtle, light, ethereal. Yes, there is still poetry in contemporay art and a magical  know-how…

Tornabuoni Gallery, Paris : Monochrome under tension

Posted in art gallery, contemporary art, Paris on January 14, 2011 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

Yesterday evening I was invited at the opening by my friend Matthieu Poirier who is the curator of this wonderful exhibition avenue Matignon 16,  in 8 th district until march 3rd.

If you still think that a monochrome is just a flat surface of colours spread on a canvas, this exhibition is made for you !

Here you will experience the relationship between shapes-colours and space…

You are welcomed by an incredible radiant  metallic red that sucks you up litteraly : a sculpture by Anish Kapoor…

My favorite : Steven Parrino (his art is based on deconstruction/ destruction, I adoooore his rock n’roll artitude),  Laurent Grasso (below), Anselm Reyle, Manzoni, Tomasello, Morellet.

Definitly, the best art show right now in Paris.

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la FIAC -International ART FAIR Paris

Posted in art gallery, contemporary art, Paris, shopping on October 20, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

I was invited tonight at Grand Palais to the openig of the Art fair in Paris, called La FIAC. It will last until sunday 24th.

You have 2 spots : Cour Carré in the Louvre for cutting edge and young art dealers,  and Grand Palais for “established galleries”, with 114 art dealers.

Don’t miss in Grand-Palais :

– Air de Paris with minimalist graphic like signs paintings by Stephane Dafflon , François Curlet granit funerary monument evoking a television.

-Kamel Mennour with impressive Anish Kapoor and Daniel Buren

– Claudine Papillon : wall drawing by Michael Craig-Martin and  exquisite ethereal  installation by Gaelle Chotard

– Emmanuel Perrotin for his elegant, decorativ and poetic 3D “Ricochet” by Jean Michel Othoniel.

– Denise René, for her always perfect hanging devoted to Op art, with a very chic silver Vasarely, not the cheap version on city bill boards that flourished in France in 80’s !

I’m a great fan, I should say addict to Iphone and there is an apps for LA FIAC !! free moreover ! To load absolutly.

And don’t hesitate, always ask the price when you like something, you can have good surprises…

Antique Art Biennale – Grand Palais

Posted in Art, art gallery, luxury, Paris on September 19, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

Hurry up ! you still have time ,until wednesday 22nd, to rush and admire under the gorgeous glass roof of Grand Palais the 25th “Biennale des Antiquaires”, gathering the most outstanding antique art dealers from Europe and America.

A world of elegance, good taste, selected works… very ParisDeluxe in one word !

I had a smoothie and Potel and Chabot finger tips sandwiches next to Marc Jacobs, just perfect in a pleated black skirt with his impressive tatoos and a green Kelly bag ; I saw also very classy Monsieur Dominique de Villepin-the most stylished and arty french politician- then saw Madame Chirac followed by Sumette- a lovely whity fluffy little thing (it is said tht Mr Jacques Chirac is just crazy about it !).

Impossible to name everybody, just few names I really like :

Galerie Michel Giraud (Paris) for decorative arts , early 20th century : especially ceramics, glass vases, enamels (precious little boxes and a rare enamel painting after Gustave Moreau), plus figures made in hard stone by french artists, like an incredible frog carved in an amethyst block !

Galerie Huguette Béres (Paris) : displayed in a  white  delicate atmosphere perfumed with Lilly,  a sweet little Bonnard ( a girl in red), a delicious Tanguy, and an adorable little Picasso drawing : 2 birds in love…

Axel Vervoordt (Belgium): I always liked his science to mix antique and contemporary in a studiolo atmosphere where you feel immediatly at home. It’s amazing how an antique torso which welcomes you in a drawing-room filled with contemporary works can transfigure the perception !

Talking about antique, you have to go absolutly on the mezzanine for “Tremplin”, a space offered to young art dealers where they selected just one piece. The rare antique nymph (3rd bc) from Antoine Tarantino gallery (Paris) is magnified by a clever game of moving light  that reaveals the beauty of the pleats and underlines the slight contraposto.

Neo-classicism will remain, according to me, the absolute reference for style, elegance and perfection, that’s why Alexis Bordes gallery (Paris) always offers the best selection.

Chanel high jewellery (Paris): based on the unique high jewellery collection Chanel made in 1932 with diamonds and platinum only, the exquisite “Feather broach” especially re-edited for the Biennale. My eyes still sparkle tonight after seeing their fabulous creations !

So don’t miss the event and there is a delicious gourmet corner to please the most choosy ones !

Contemporary Art in Saint-Petersburg

Posted in art gallery, contemporary art, Saint-Petersburg, travels on August 10, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

When we were there a new place  was launched, well, a pre opening is better because the official opening will take place in September, it’s called “Erarta”, there is a gallery and a museum +a café and a shop.

Amazing building, great spaces, and very good exhibition, paintings by a young artist : Vladimir Semensky, a series inspired by Antique, his best work according to me.

we were kindly received by the director Victoria Dudenko and had a private tour and could meet the artist.

Contemporary art in Moscow

Posted in art gallery, contemporary art, Moscow, travels on August 2, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

a must : a visit to Le Garage !

first, a great place : a former garage built in late 20’s transformed recently into a private center for contemporary  art, with great temporary exhibitions, high international level ! and a very cool restaurant too inside.

The owner is Dasha Zhukova, the fiancé of famous billionnaire Abramovitch.

We could a see an exhibition of Rothko paintings, for the first time in Russia, very moving.

+ a very interesting  exhibition about performance art, showing many documents and videos.

But my favorite work was an amazing video (actually photos giving the illusion of video)/ installation by russian collective AEF+ S, called the Feast of Trimalchio, you’re immerged in the center of a room surrounded by 3 giant screens into an exotic paradise, a kind of Thaï Abu-Dhabi ! The roles between masters and servant are going to be reverted little by little…fashion models and perfect bodies played the parts.

please visit their web site :

Another very good place like a laboratory for russian artists : Winzavod, a former wine storage place converted into a center for cutting edge art with private art dealers, a center for temporary exhibitions, fashion and design shops, lectures and meetings are organized there too. And of course a delicious restaurant inside.

We were very well received by Sofia Trotsenko, the head of project and Julia, developper.