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Catherine d’Espiney’ s enchanting jewels : a love story between Brazil and France…

Posted in Art, luxury, Paris on March 25, 2013 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

7-Anel-290x290                   3-Colar-290x290

I’ve met recently a princess of an enchanted world hidden not far from famous Avenue Montaigne. A  woman of great taste who studied Art History at prestigious Ecole du Louvre (like me) and artist herself : Catherine d’Espiney. Since her childhood she developped a passion for odd objects, “curiositas”, and jewellery, especially russian ones (surely her russian roots from her mother). Then she settled down in Brazil, studied gemology, collected brazilian precious stones and had the splendid idea to create unique jewel pieces,  echoing the french tradition, using only brazilian stones and realized thanks to the amazing skill of  local craftmen. All hand made only, all unique, like Haute Couture items , they like look powerful charms, magnifiying the woman who is wearing them.

Not for a shy lady for sure ! “I don’t like small things” she says !

These exceptional and exclusive pieces of jewellery with personality tell the admirer stories, like an artwork, and sparkle many coloured universes , they are so Deluxe&Arty !

I invite you to visit her website to see more !