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A lovely and delicious Week-end in Antwerp, Belgium

Posted in Antwerpen, art and culture, travels on December 17, 2012 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

Two weeks ago, Edwart and I decided to spent 2 days in Antwerpen to celebrate my birthday. First  because I was born on december 6th, Saint Nicholas day,  which is a great  celebration in northern Europe; moreover it’s only 2 hours from Paris and a beautiful city where Rubens lived and Durer visited also ! Now Antwerpen is famous for fashion designers and…excellent food as you are going to see. We stayed in a Small Luxury Hotel : De Witte Lelie, very well located. The weather was ideal : very cold and dry. The great square was a real enchantment with nighlights and its magical christmas tree.


We started like pilmgrims with Rubens’ house that we do appreciate for its architecture and fantastic collections ‘after having gorgeous Truffles Spaghetti at Bourla Bar !)

Anvers1            Anvers2       Anvers3

Then we were ready for an amazing dessert at Het Gebaar ! next to the the small botanical garden you can’t miss what  looks like Henzel and Gretel ginger bread home : it houses the restaurant of a former pastry chef Roger Van Damme. We had a well named “Spectaculos” which was spectacular indeed ! a wonderful work of art , look by yourself :


We were not reasonable at all as we booked a table at 8pm for the best city’s restaurant on top of MAS : t’Zilte ! but  dec 6th happens only once in the year ! After a walk by nigt through the old cobblestones street we walked to the new museum of contemporay art and had a fantastic dinner. We were surprised when the gifted chef Viki Geuns told us he was self-taught. According to us, he’s more than a chef : he’an artist (inspired by japonism for sure). The service was also very  friendly and perfect.As we took the full tasting menu, I will show you only “samples “. We started we fresh “mise en bouche”, and had several more in tiny portions. Then came the breadS, excessively delicious !

IMG_0012 IMG_0014

The tasting menu was a perefct mix between meats(carpaccio to start/ hare to finish) and fish (cod-scallops)

IMG_0020    IMG_0025IMG_0022    IMG_0024

The second day we visited the fashion museum (MoMu) where you can admire a show devoted to french fashion designer Madame Grès, a very ParisDeluxe&Arty exhibition indeed (until feb 10th)  ! Pleats inspired by neo-classicism and antiques sculptures, impecable style, no taste mistakes, so inspirational ! The major part of dresses are coming from parisian fashion museum Palais Galiera.

crédits : © Stéphane Piera/Galliera/Roger-Viollet

credit : © Stéphane Piera/Galliera/Roger-Viollet

Then we had a delicious lunch at Renaissance Café which is the italian restaurant next to the concept store called Renaissance. Minimalist and elegnt design +  superb food  : all what I loooove !