A lovely boutique hotel for Valentine’s day near Tuileries Garden : Le PRADEY

Im a huge fan of first district, that’ s why I live there : Tuileries gardens and the Louvre on one hand, Palais Royal, covered passageways and the Opera House on the other hand, without forgetting Saint Honoré street and Vendôme square…That’s why I recommend my clients to choose a hotel in this very convenient area. I had recenlty a crush for this new boutique hotel that opened last fall and asked a private tour for you. Immediatly I uderstood why I loved it : the architect is Vincent Bastie who made the Burgundy (one of my most read post) and Petit Moulin in le Marais, among 60 other  charming hotels in the city light ! There are only 28 rooms, the fifth floor is devoted to Suites with balconies and view on Tuileries garden.


“Opera” and “Cabaret” are decorated by our french icone of glamorous lingerie : Chantal Thomass. Want to feel like a ballerina or would you prefer to be for one night a dancer from Moulin Rouge  ? These two suites are perfect for a Valentine’s escapade for sure…


My other favorite suite is called “Collectionneur”(Collector), inspired by original furnitures designed by Jean-Michel Franck, re-edited today  by Hermes. By the way, in all the suites the furnitures, wall paper and  fabrics are from Hermes best collections. I’m crazy of the spectacular folding screen made of straw marquetry (on the left), fitting with the small round table with the same material, as soft as satin or women’s legs…

The breakfast is served in a vaulted room , it looks so delicious,  with fresh products only, from french countryside, as the decor !

The atmosphere is warm, cosy, refined, elegant, very ParisDeluxe&Arty you understood ! and the welcome is friendly. You’ll feel like beeing in a family private mansion more than a hotel.

Thanks to Vanessa, the gouvernante, who showed me the hotel and  thanks to S2HCommunication for images made by photographer Pierre Soissons.  www.lepradey.com  

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