Lunch at Café de la Paix-Paris

Happy New Deluxe-year everybody ! I wish you a year full of Art, culture and luxury around the world and Paris especially !!

I really wanted to start the year with a nice seafood plate, let’s forget the “detox post” ! I will talk about my sport club later -the fabulous Ritz health club-So I was dreaming about oysters, clams, crabs…parisian love seafood you know, especially during winter or before or after theatre or Opera. That’s why I love Café de la Paix, by the Opera Garnier house, in a cosy Napoleon III  setting. According to me this is where you can eat the best onion soup in Paris.

Many great names of 19th century used to meet there : Zola, Maupassant, Diaghilev, more recenlty Pierre cardin and I saw my friend Paz Blasco de la Fuente (PR VIP from the hotel Intercontinental next to the restaurant ) dining with marvellous spanish actress Carmen Maura.

So I enjoyed very much my sea-food plate but not only, because the restaurant asks a fashion designer to create a dessert for the menu and the one I had was just perfect : dark and milk chocolate, as soft as silk,  with bitter orange and almond mousse, perfect in winter ! it’s called “Ruban d’amour”(ribbon of love”) by Zuhair Murad, a symbol of endless love in feng-shui.

If you want to taste it, hurry up , it’s a limited edition until mid-january .

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