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TOXIC and Alain-Dominique Gallizia at Basquiat exhibition

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Yesterday evening I was guiding french vips in splendid Basquiat exhibition (pay attention this is the last week end with  opening tonight until midnight) when I saw many people around an american speaking french in front of a painting and attracted more an more people.I asked someone who looked to know that person very well  who he was and he told me it was Stephen Tornton himself , Basquiat’s assitant,  he was doing a lecture ! then I asked the man who answered me who was he and  he replied : Alain-Dominque Gallizia. He’s famous for his graffitti collection- a reference- he exhibited  in Grand Palais in 2009.  Then he told me that TOXIC was even there !! my god !  We were close to “Hollywood africans”, made when Basquiat came to the East coast for a show at Larry Gagosian’s gallery, he portrayed himself with his 2 friends Rammellzee and Toxic, so I couldn’t resist and took a picture of him and Mr Gallizia in front of Hollywood Africans. Historical !

Caspita jewellery collection launching at Le Meurice Palace hotel , Paris

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Last saturday Edwart and me were invited  by the sparkling creator of Caspita, Arlène Bonnant for the launching of her first high jewellery collection inspired by Art and Spirituality at le Meurice hotel, our favorite palace hotel in Paris and almost second  home !

Arlène is an art expert  specialised in contemporary art who had worked for famous auction houses and she decided to create fabulous and mesmerizing high jewellery recently-which is such a challenge today-but as an inspired artist she immediatly found a unique and very personal touch. First, the name : Caspita , with a reverted A. In italian, an expression which is the sign of wonderment. Then the first collection is based on Chakras ! I love the idea to stimulate my chakras through diamonds and gold ! here is some pictures showing Arlène  and her friend Abir Oreibi (Managing director wearing her creations,  and the display of other marvels from her collection in Le Meurice lounge. You can find her creations at Le Meurice hotel in Paris or in London (Kabiri boutique). Please visit her web site :

GOTAN Project concert at Casino de Paris

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Yesterday evening my dear friend Margaït- who is herself a jazz singer and music teacher- invited me to the conccrt of Gotan project. She knows very well the piannist, Lalo. The show was great : a perfect blend of jazz, tango and electro, sometimes with a Kraftwerk touch ! I also loved the mix with latino rap.  Images accompanied the music on screen behind, dances, city wandering or visual effects mesmerized the audience. The last songs were very groovy and perfect for clubs.

After the show we were invited backstage and congratulated the band. During the cocktail they received  a fabulous reward : their last album Gotan project 3.0 obtained the label ” platinum album” (100 000 sold) !

Tornabuoni Gallery, Paris : Monochrome under tension

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Yesterday evening I was invited at the opening by my friend Matthieu Poirier who is the curator of this wonderful exhibition avenue Matignon 16,  in 8 th district until march 3rd.

If you still think that a monochrome is just a flat surface of colours spread on a canvas, this exhibition is made for you !

Here you will experience the relationship between shapes-colours and space…

You are welcomed by an incredible radiant  metallic red that sucks you up litteraly : a sculpture by Anish Kapoor…

My favorite : Steven Parrino (his art is based on deconstruction/ destruction, I adoooore his rock n’roll artitude),  Laurent Grasso (below), Anselm Reyle, Manzoni, Tomasello, Morellet.

Definitly, the best art show right now in Paris.

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Lunch at Café de la Paix-Paris

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Happy New Deluxe-year everybody ! I wish you a year full of Art, culture and luxury around the world and Paris especially !!

I really wanted to start the year with a nice seafood plate, let’s forget the “detox post” ! I will talk about my sport club later -the fabulous Ritz health club-So I was dreaming about oysters, clams, crabs…parisian love seafood you know, especially during winter or before or after theatre or Opera. That’s why I love Café de la Paix, by the Opera Garnier house, in a cosy Napoleon III  setting. According to me this is where you can eat the best onion soup in Paris.

Many great names of 19th century used to meet there : Zola, Maupassant, Diaghilev, more recenlty Pierre cardin and I saw my friend Paz Blasco de la Fuente (PR VIP from the hotel Intercontinental next to the restaurant ) dining with marvellous spanish actress Carmen Maura.

So I enjoyed very much my sea-food plate but not only, because the restaurant asks a fashion designer to create a dessert for the menu and the one I had was just perfect : dark and milk chocolate, as soft as silk,  with bitter orange and almond mousse, perfect in winter ! it’s called “Ruban d’amour”(ribbon of love”) by Zuhair Murad, a symbol of endless love in feng-shui.

If you want to taste it, hurry up , it’s a limited edition until mid-january .