Enjoy a magical Christmas at the RITZ, Paris

The Ritz is more than a palace hotel, it’s a legend since 1898, it’s well known- with Hemingway and  Chanel spirits haunting the place-  that’s why Christmas at the RITZ is sooo magical !  Just remember “Everyone says I love you” by Woody Allen !

I’m a member of the Ritz Health Club for few years now and I do love it- I will write a post of course about  it soon- so I enjoyed the jacuzzi and swimming pool today during this cold afternoon,  and when I went out I could see the snow flakes falling in the courtyard…

There was a little girl playing in the lobby, singing and turning around so happy among the teddy bears  and deers :

I do recommend the Christmas tea by the fire place, a taste of magical in Paris, on Vendôme square, commisioned by the sun king himself at the end of the 17th century . Then I went out and came back to share with you this magical moment…

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