Yesterday I was invited by my friend Matthieu Poirier who is a very gifted curator  and art historian (specialised in Op’Art and cinetic art) to Paris Photo, 14th edition  yet (until sunday nov 21st). That fair is a worldwide reference  with 106 galeries selected. It goes from  vintage photographs to very contemporary. This year the focus was on central Europe.

I liked their choices  and hanging, very good quality everywhere, less trash or ordinary subjects. I’ve noticed many landscapes and  water effects (swimming pool, ponds, surface water…) as a subject.

Here is a (very) short selection of the one I discovered and loved :

That one loooks like a trompe-l’oeil :

Susan Derges “Starfield Shoreline” 2008 from Purdy Hick gallery, London


A flying car in San Fran street ?

Matthew Porter- gallery M+B


I liked the serial effect below, almost abstract from further distance, like simplified cut out silhouettes in mouvement, then, closer, very distinctive subjetcts, both in genres and  periods : dancing couple, warrior, runner, historical characters…

Sarah Charlesworth Figures drawing 1998/2008

If you’re in Paris, visit the fair absolutly and do not hesitate to ask the prices : they are very often affordable.

I remind you also that november is the month devoted to photography in Paris with many temporary exhibitions and event in

town !

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