Basquiat at Musée d’Art Moderne Ville de Paris with Robert Downey Jr and his wife

I had the pleasure and great honnor to guide this week-end Robert Downey Jr and his wife. We’ve been to Versailles  for Murakami and Basquiat at Musée d’Art Moderne Ville de Paris.

You’d better plan your visit and buy ticket online because it’s the show of the end of the year (with Monet in Grand Palais), don’t miss it !  An exceptional retrospective with 200 works. The first ever organized in France and perhaps the last one.

It’s amazing to see the line, sometimes 2h ! there are not just kids , it’s very impressive to observe all the kind of people, from children to seniors, with very classy people, very 16th or 7th district you wouldn’t expect in a contemporary art show.

I was very touched when I heard yesterday a young father dressed with a lodden, very elegant-7th district I would say ! telling his child : “look here, that’s the picture of the painter “with such a respect and he said “painter” not graffitti artist.

I would have loved Basquiat to have heard it and if only he was able  to see how he can gather people around art and painting, because you’ll realize visiting this exhibition his immense knowledge, the way he mixed high and low cultures, sprirituality and ordinary, his energy , his anger with injustice and racism. And the great colorist he was.

All that makes Basquiat a giant of art and not a street artist who became famous.

© Lizzie Himmel© The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat© ADAGP, Paris 2010


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