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Best japonese tea in Paris : JUGETSUDO, 95 rue de Seine 75006

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Do you remember Maki ? I met her during Murakami ‘s VIP party at Versailles castle ! I’ve seen her first in front of the giant golden Buddha in the gardens,  dressed with a beautiful traditional kimono then I met her during the cockatil and she told me she was the manager of a tea shop called “Jugetsudo” in Saint Germain des Près. Of course I’ve been there and was so warmly received and I tasted the best sake of my life with a delicious salted cake with algae I do recommend you !

She organises tea ceremony, exhibitions, events …you can buy excellent green teas , my favorite is “Genmaicha with Matcha”.

I also love the ceramics  you can buy in the shop, great minimalist and refined design with subtle glazes. Jugetudo is definitly the place in Paris for  japonese art and lifestyle lovers.


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Yesterday I was invited by my friend Matthieu Poirier who is a very gifted curator  and art historian (specialised in Op’Art and cinetic art) to Paris Photo, 14th edition  yet (until sunday nov 21st). That fair is a worldwide reference  with 106 galeries selected. It goes from  vintage photographs to very contemporary. This year the focus was on central Europe.

I liked their choices  and hanging, very good quality everywhere, less trash or ordinary subjects. I’ve noticed many landscapes and  water effects (swimming pool, ponds, surface water…) as a subject.

Here is a (very) short selection of the one I discovered and loved :

That one loooks like a trompe-l’oeil :

Susan Derges “Starfield Shoreline” 2008 from Purdy Hick gallery, London


A flying car in San Fran street ?

Matthew Porter- gallery M+B


I liked the serial effect below, almost abstract from further distance, like simplified cut out silhouettes in mouvement, then, closer, very distinctive subjetcts, both in genres and  periods : dancing couple, warrior, runner, historical characters…

Sarah Charlesworth Figures drawing 1998/2008

If you’re in Paris, visit the fair absolutly and do not hesitate to ask the prices : they are very often affordable.

I remind you also that november is the month devoted to photography in Paris with many temporary exhibitions and event in

town !

Pavillon Ledoyen, Mengès publisher 30 years celebration with writers

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Yesterday evening-monday- we were inviting Edwart and me to fabulous Pavillion Ledoyen on Champs Elysées, not far from Grand Palais to celebrate the 30 years of Mengès, our publisher. It was the writers’ party and we were treated so well !

First, the place is amazing : the restaurant exists since 1791 but was refurbished in 1842 by Hittorff and kept 2nd Empire interior desgin, among greenery and gardens. The chef has 3 Michelin stars so the cocktail was excellent ! the best I had since a very long time : foie gras that looked like caramel mini cakes, truffles white and black with consommé or fine omelette, perfect french cheeses (unforgettable saint Félicien, so creamy) and I’m not ashamed to say that I took 3 Kouin aman for dessert, a specialty from Brittany made only with sugar, butter and puff pastry ! The best in the world !!

What a nice evening to discover the latest art books released including ours !!

Edwart wrote a book about graphic art from XIVth to XXth century : “the masters of drawing” in english but it’s in french only. A very nice and affordable art book  to be initiated to graphic art through centuries with short but clarifying comments.

Mine is about masterpieces in modern and contemporary art, it will be translated in 4 languages, the one you see is in french. I’m so hapy, that’s my first book ! I will tell you when it will be released in english and how to get it.

It was made also as an easy introduction to modern and contemporary art through 777 masterpiecesk and I commented 200, I had to give in one sentence the idea of the work. I enjoyed that challenge very much.

The books will be available in France the first week of december.

We thank Isabelle de Tinguy and all Mengès team for their kindness and welcome.

Basquiat at Musée d’Art Moderne Ville de Paris with Robert Downey Jr and his wife

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I had the pleasure and great honnor to guide this week-end Robert Downey Jr and his wife. We’ve been to Versailles  for Murakami and Basquiat at Musée d’Art Moderne Ville de Paris.

You’d better plan your visit and buy ticket online because it’s the show of the end of the year (with Monet in Grand Palais), don’t miss it !  An exceptional retrospective with 200 works. The first ever organized in France and perhaps the last one.

It’s amazing to see the line, sometimes 2h ! there are not just kids , it’s very impressive to observe all the kind of people, from children to seniors, with very classy people, very 16th or 7th district you wouldn’t expect in a contemporary art show.

I was very touched when I heard yesterday a young father dressed with a lodden, very elegant-7th district I would say ! telling his child : “look here, that’s the picture of the painter “with such a respect and he said “painter” not graffitti artist.

I would have loved Basquiat to have heard it and if only he was able  to see how he can gather people around art and painting, because you’ll realize visiting this exhibition his immense knowledge, the way he mixed high and low cultures, sprirituality and ordinary, his energy , his anger with injustice and racism. And the great colorist he was.

All that makes Basquiat a giant of art and not a street artist who became famous.

© Lizzie Himmel© The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat© ADAGP, Paris 2010


Royal Monceau 5 stars hotel in Paris /Pierre Hermé

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I had the pleasure to guide last week Pierre Hermé  and his companion Barbara Rhil (will write a post about her shop in Paris later…). They are very charming and interesting  people.

By the way, Pierre Hermé opened a new shop 39, avenue de l’Opéra devoted to macaroons and chocolate only and he signs all the pastries and desserts in new Royal Monceau, so let’s talk about it !

If you want the ultimate top luxury experience in Paris, close to Champs-Elysées, in a contemporary and very refined atmosphere, Royal Monceau is made for you. I had the pleasure to visit it with Alexandre, the sales manager,   just before  it opened to the public mid-september, after 2 years work and a drastic transformation by acclaimed french designer Philippe Stark.

5 stars devoted to pleasure of the senses :

touch and admire the noble material all around you : natural leather only in order to obtain a unique patina with time,

precious wood that makes you feel like emboarding on a chic cruise in the 30’s with amazing vintage cristal chandelier.

Pierre Hermé for pastry chef  (I think he’s an artist and a genius !) and extraordinary italian restaurant alreay celebrated by very demanding parisian gastronomic critics !

You’ll find also a contemporary art gallery, with Basquiat drawings exhibition right now, plus an art bookstore specialised in multiples and  books by artists with vintage, and an Art concierge ready to help you in exploring Paris art life.

The hotel commisionned artist special works, like a painted ceiling in the restaurant by Stéphane Calais, a surrealist over-scale tea-pot by Joana Vasconcelos in the open courtyard, meanwhile a pack of deers carved in wood by a russian artist surprise you in the stairs !

Last but not least : there is a nice acoustic guitar in each room ! and, unique in Europe :  a private movie theatre, for 200 people, with the ultimate technology and comfort,  is located discretly inside the hotel ! !

The whole place just blew my mind ! Totally ParisDeluxe&Arty !