4 restaurants in Barcelona

I would like to recommend you 4 places we enjoyed very much :

1) for the exceptionnal view on Barcelona, especially by night, Torre de Alta Mar, located in an incredible and unusual place  : atop the 75-metre high Torre de Sant Sebastián cable-car tower , redesigned of course in a lounge and dark atmosphere . A spot for beautiful people, definitly !

The food is delicious, the service excellent,  but you pay for the view…Anyway, I think it’s really worth going.

2) a classic :  7 Portes, since 1836. We could say  a national monument ! excellent sea-food , delicious “crema catalana”; we were sitting at …Picasso’s favorite table , just next to the entrance door with a strategic view on the room.

3) a lounge restaurant, also a club,  by the sea, very cool and cosy, with excellent music : CLDC (passeig maritim)

If you’re a group of friends, or just with your lover, and don’t agree on the kind of food you want, one likes Indian, the other pure spanish or morrocan…this place is for you ! they even have a japonese cook for fresh sushi.I had a wonderful black rice, sometimes called the fishermen rice (made with cuttle ink).

Funny, during our dinner 2 ladies went from table to table to propose 10 min massages, they were great !

We enjoyed very much that trendy,but not noisy, place.

4) El taxidermista : casual, pleasant, on famous Plaza Reiale where lamp-post were designed by Gaudi.

Formerly the museum ‘s natural sciences taxidermy workshop . Beautiful and delicious paella :

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