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“Amore”, a movie by L.Guadagnino, with Tilda Swinton

Posted in contemporary art, movie on September 26, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

I’ve jsut seen yesterday a fabulous movie, profoundly moving and intense : Amore with my favorite actress : Tilda Swinton.

The minimalist music by John Adams transports the viewer, at the end of the tragedy, to  height of emotions.

According to me it’s a masterpiece. I loved the study of characters and social class.

But what I like the most and I couln’t see it written anywhere in newspaper, that’s the numerous links with contemporary art and even contemporary dance :

– the image for movie poster makes me think  about Thomas Struth portrait of high bourgeoisie (musée d’Art moderne Ville de Paris) and Sam Samore portrait of  kids from same class in empty and cold room, showing nevertheless great wealth through details in the furnitures or works of art.

– the scene at the end between Emma and the maid, when they pack clothes in a hurry, looks like Anne Theresa de Keersmaeker  choreography

– the very last scene  sounds like Pina Bausch scene

– the minimalist music by John Adams is a masterpiece itself

I think that movie is just a work of art.

Antique Art Biennale – Grand Palais

Posted in Art, art gallery, luxury, Paris on September 19, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

Hurry up ! you still have time ,until wednesday 22nd, to rush and admire under the gorgeous glass roof of Grand Palais the 25th “Biennale des Antiquaires”, gathering the most outstanding antique art dealers from Europe and America.

A world of elegance, good taste, selected works… very ParisDeluxe in one word !

I had a smoothie and Potel and Chabot finger tips sandwiches next to Marc Jacobs, just perfect in a pleated black skirt with his impressive tatoos and a green Kelly bag ; I saw also very classy Monsieur Dominique de Villepin-the most stylished and arty french politician- then saw Madame Chirac followed by Sumette- a lovely whity fluffy little thing (it is said tht Mr Jacques Chirac is just crazy about it !).

Impossible to name everybody, just few names I really like :

Galerie Michel Giraud (Paris) for decorative arts , early 20th century : especially ceramics, glass vases, enamels (precious little boxes and a rare enamel painting after Gustave Moreau), plus figures made in hard stone by french artists, like an incredible frog carved in an amethyst block !

Galerie Huguette Béres (Paris) : displayed in a  white  delicate atmosphere perfumed with Lilly,  a sweet little Bonnard ( a girl in red), a delicious Tanguy, and an adorable little Picasso drawing : 2 birds in love…

Axel Vervoordt (Belgium): I always liked his science to mix antique and contemporary in a studiolo atmosphere where you feel immediatly at home. It’s amazing how an antique torso which welcomes you in a drawing-room filled with contemporary works can transfigure the perception !

Talking about antique, you have to go absolutly on the mezzanine for “Tremplin”, a space offered to young art dealers where they selected just one piece. The rare antique nymph (3rd bc) from Antoine Tarantino gallery (Paris) is magnified by a clever game of moving light  that reaveals the beauty of the pleats and underlines the slight contraposto.

Neo-classicism will remain, according to me, the absolute reference for style, elegance and perfection, that’s why Alexis Bordes gallery (Paris) always offers the best selection.

Chanel high jewellery (Paris): based on the unique high jewellery collection Chanel made in 1932 with diamonds and platinum only, the exquisite “Feather broach” especially re-edited for the Biennale. My eyes still sparkle tonight after seeing their fabulous creations !

So don’t miss the event and there is a delicious gourmet corner to please the most choosy ones !

Murakami opening in Chateau de Versailles

Posted in contemporary art, monuments, museums, music, Versailles on September 14, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

Waow ! What an evening yesterday ! We were, Edwart my fiancé and me, invited to the VIP party to Chateau the Versailles for Murakami opening with a private concert by Pharrell Williams !!!! Edwart was  there since the morning for french television, he participates to a show called “Un soir au Musée” on France 5 , 2 thursdays/ months, and  he met Murakami who is very nice.

We arrived for the opening at 8pm and the light was so beautiful in these fabulous french gardens. A giant gilded Buddha is displayed between two ponds and 2 lovely japonese girls were taken pictures, they looked like princesses, very elegant, quite mysterious, then we sat newt to them during the coktails and spoke : one has a japonese tea shop in Saint Germain des Près, the other is going to open a japonese spa…for sure,I will let you know more  about her very soon.

it can take 4 years to Murakami to achieve an artwork, they are all manufactured with extreme care in the making , the choices of colours, the details. The influences are of course Manga and Kawaï cultures.
here are my favorite :
the second one is displayed in the dazzling Hall of Mirrors and facing the gardens, actually, it’s a tribute to french gardener designer Andre Lenotre.
We saw Laurent Lebon , the curator, and congratulated him, he’s a GREAT curator with new visions about contemporary art and culture, and very clever and knowledgable without being “unreachable”. That’s so rare !! He’s also the director of new Pompidou center in Metz (Lorraine, east of France, I will write soon also about it).
Then we had the VIP party  in the incredible Orangerie, open only for private event.
Pharrell Williams is a very good friend of the artist and even participates  to the creation of an artwork you can see in the exhibition.
Waow, the concert blew our mind !!! girls went crazy when Pharrell invited them on stage with him !!
Then we went back to our hotel-yes we decided to spend the night in Versailles, no trouble with taxi ! and it was the opportunity to enjoy one more time Trianon Palace ! People think we are millionaire, but we only know how to enjoy good life and spa (my obsession !!) ! With trip Advisor and  Expedia I could have the best rate 😉
Gordon Ramsey is the chef and everything is delicious.
We learnt that Pharrel was also sleeping there but we did not see him at the breakfast 😉
The lobby is very relaxing, contemporary design but elegant and not cold, filled with natural daylight . The swimming pool is more minimalist, silver and blue atmosphere…they should add a little decor, a kind of frieze, i can imagine elegant drawing on the wall evoking fishes, underwaterworld, or more greenery perhaps. But the natural light is such a pleasure !

A new 5 stars hotel in Paris : Le Burgundy

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Very ParisDeluxe&Arty indeed ! That 5 stars reopened after 2 years works as an elegant , trendy and very contemporary art oriented hotel, with soul. It’ s not just the umpteenth boutique hotel that blossoms everywhere in fashionable cities right now: Le Burgundy is different , first of all it’s a 5 stars hotel, that means : perfect welcome and  service in a friendly atmosphere. Perfection also lies in the decor, which is very clever, not works hung and displayed everywhere to give an intellectual caution to the place, but a smart arrangement between architecture, sculptures, paintings and drawing. Famous name participated to the decor as the french sculptor Guy de Rougemont : I particularly like his marble abstract scuplture, in the atrium, evoking female curves with the echo of the lines  engraved on the ground floor …

(pictures by Guillaume de Laubier)

The spa is a small enchanted world, I feel like beeing in a luxury boutique when I’m an the sauna/hammam space ! I love the swimming pool too, very relaxing atmosphere based on chromotherapy. Coloured lights are changing in the evening …always the details !

I recommend you the bar, lounge and cosy ; they are specialised in Cognac.

AN IMPORTANT INFORMATION,  the location : just great ! 8 rue Duphot in the first district , just next to famous rue Cambon (Chanel house) and  Saint Honoré street, renowned for trendy shopping. You’re also very close to Tuileries garden and Concorde square, without speaking of the Louvre and Orsay in a walking distance… Hey, dear chic travellers, what else ?

here is their web site :

Ask for François the chef concierge for any request. You can book on my behalf, you’ll receive the warmest welcome.

4 shops in Barcelona

Posted in Barcelona, shopping, travels on September 1, 2010 by ParisDeluxe&Arty

1) a youg fashion designer, from African roots : Danielle Jantou (Vigatans, 6)located close to the cathedral.

Trendy chic/casual, elegant colours too and very comfortable : dresses, skirts, shirts, accessories….

2)  a jeweller on Passeig de Gracia, almost facing Gaudi’s famous Casa Battlo: LLorenç.

original creations and soft prices. It’s a pity they don’t have a web site or pictures on line…

3) and 4)  excellent museums shops and bookstores : Picasso museum + Miro foundation

4 restaurants in Barcelona

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I would like to recommend you 4 places we enjoyed very much :

1) for the exceptionnal view on Barcelona, especially by night, Torre de Alta Mar, located in an incredible and unusual place  : atop the 75-metre high Torre de Sant Sebastián cable-car tower , redesigned of course in a lounge and dark atmosphere . A spot for beautiful people, definitly !

The food is delicious, the service excellent,  but you pay for the view…Anyway, I think it’s really worth going.

2) a classic :  7 Portes, since 1836. We could say  a national monument ! excellent sea-food , delicious “crema catalana”; we were sitting at …Picasso’s favorite table , just next to the entrance door with a strategic view on the room.

3) a lounge restaurant, also a club,  by the sea, very cool and cosy, with excellent music : CLDC (passeig maritim)

If you’re a group of friends, or just with your lover, and don’t agree on the kind of food you want, one likes Indian, the other pure spanish or morrocan…this place is for you ! they even have a japonese cook for fresh sushi.I had a wonderful black rice, sometimes called the fishermen rice (made with cuttle ink).

Funny, during our dinner 2 ladies went from table to table to propose 10 min massages, they were great !

We enjoyed very much that trendy,but not noisy, place.

4) El taxidermista : casual, pleasant, on famous Plaza Reiale where lamp-post were designed by Gaudi.

Formerly the museum ‘s natural sciences taxidermy workshop . Beautiful and delicious paella :