Museums in Saint-Petersburg

1) out of category for sure : the Hermitage !! oh my god, I’m used to say when I give a tour at the Louvre that the 3 biggest museums in the world are the Louvre, the Hermitage and the Met in NY,now Ican tell I was there  and I’ve visited the 3 ones !!


So overwhelming of course, the best, as usual is to make a selection of what you like , that’s why we focused on paintings but we had a private guide, Elena, excellent and brilliant scholar graduate in history (who is coming soon to settle down in Paris and I’m sure we are going to hear about her in art circles very soon), so we did the gold of the Scythian (Nomadic people 7th BC), amazing department (you can do it only with a guide from the hermitage). It looks like art deco style sometimes, so modern, a great sense of stylisation and naturalism in the mean time, perfect plastic acheviement.

JPEG - 37.5 ko

if you love  Rubens and Rembrandt, buy immediatly  a ticket airplane, don’t wait no more and go ! No words fair enough to describe the deep humanity from the “Return of prodigal son” by Rembrandt, a lesson about the meaning “forgiveness”.

my favorite paintings :  Giorgione ‘s Judith and Picasso’s Three woman. The department of modern art is very impresive, as in Moscow Pouchkine museum, many of these treasures are coming from Chtoukine and Morosov collections.

2) the Russian Museum for 19th century art and turn of the century with the symbolist Vroubel + the biggest Malevitch collection… when it’s visible, such a frustration for me :  these rooms were  closed when we were there…well, good thing : it means I have to come back !

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