Saint Petersburg, a selection of hotels and restaurants

After 5 fantastic days in Moscow, we took the fast train to go to St Petersburg. Everybody in Paris prefers St Peter to Moscow but I enjoyed soooo much Moscow, I was even afraid to be disappointed by St Peter !

Be reassured, impossible to be disappointed ! more friendly for sure than Moscow at the first glance, more european. You can notice many great influences like Amsterdam with the canals, Vienne for the Baroque…lovely gardens and green spaces, perfect to wander around.

I’ll speak about their fabulous museums of course but they also have great places for dinner outside in summer, terrasse by the Neva on the “Flying dutchman” to admire the Hermitage.

Great service, very friendly and professional people (special thanks to Valeria, Alisa and the manager Karl Kutzelnig) and excellent cuisine at Kempinsky hotel and restaurant located on the top roof, so close to the Hermitage, the perfect place for a stay. We even met the french actress Carole Bouquet who was there to marry her son that week end !

In paris we have George on top of Pompidou center for Beautiful People , in St Peter they have the Terrassa. Fashionable, trendy and delicious place which is also a fine grocery.

Before  we left we had a lunch at famous cafe Singer, magnificent Art Nouveau style building, a book-store actually with a tea parlour and restaurant. fabulous strudel and pastries.

Cafe Singer

We stayed in a five stars hotel , very affordable,  infortunatly the service was not 5 stars level…but they had an incredible spa !! with a snow cabin, 8 differents styles of sauna/ steam rooms and a very cool pool ! we enjoyed it very much because we also has a heat wave in St Peter after the one Moscow.

Near Pouckine town, after a tour to the summer palace of the Great Catherine (very very russian baroque..mmmmm….well, everything is told ! 😉   don’t miss  the most fabulous place for us, sooo russian, I felt like beeing in a Kandinky painting from 1890’s, I can’t remember the name of that place but russians know it for sure : Poutine president celebrated his birthday in 2000.

The waiters have blue shirt with daisies, the waitresses are blond. The place is a huuuge isba, all wood inside (but air conditionning !), when we arrived around 2.30 pm there were two babouchka finishing their lunch, 2 popes in another room…we had a very delicious russian meal for  cheap and…caviar (for 50euros !!! great ! I like that so much !). You cannot imagine the feeling, it was like a dream, we were like Ansel and Gretel…the garden ouside was just marvellous, with animals, turkeys, chickens…

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