Contemporary art in Moscow

a must : a visit to Le Garage !

first, a great place : a former garage built in late 20’s transformed recently into a private center for contemporary  art, with great temporary exhibitions, high international level ! and a very cool restaurant too inside.

The owner is Dasha Zhukova, the fiancé of famous billionnaire Abramovitch.

We could a see an exhibition of Rothko paintings, for the first time in Russia, very moving.

+ a very interesting  exhibition about performance art, showing many documents and videos.

But my favorite work was an amazing video (actually photos giving the illusion of video)/ installation by russian collective AEF+ S, called the Feast of Trimalchio, you’re immerged in the center of a room surrounded by 3 giant screens into an exotic paradise, a kind of Thaï Abu-Dhabi ! The roles between masters and servant are going to be reverted little by little…fashion models and perfect bodies played the parts.

please visit their web site :

Another very good place like a laboratory for russian artists : Winzavod, a former wine storage place converted into a center for cutting edge art with private art dealers, a center for temporary exhibitions, fashion and design shops, lectures and meetings are organized there too. And of course a delicious restaurant inside.

We were very well received by Sofia Trotsenko, the head of project and Julia, developper.

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