Museums in Moscow

I’ve already told about the Kremlin museum, really worth seeing with amazing treasures, including diamonds, precious ceremonial clothes, icones,  silver objetcs offered as diplomatic gifts to russian court…

I think my favorite museum is Pouchkine museum for Degas and his mesmerizing blue dancers , Matisses (the goldfishes-the big pink workshop…), Picassos, Gauguins, a beautiful japonizing Redon…many of these modern masterpieces are coming from Morozov and Chtoukine  private collections.

But don’t forget Tretiakov gallerry for Roublev’s icones, and its excellent 19th russian painters like Serov (their Manet) and the symbolist Vroubel (picture below, the Swan Princess). There is another Tretiakov gallery for 20th century in vintage communist times style building (we could say an architectural statement today, nevertheless pefect for modern art exhibition !), with abstract artist like my favorite : Malevitch and his famous black square.

We were lucky also to se a temporary exhibition in the Moscow  Museum  of Modern Art devoted to Alexandra Exter, cubo-futurist artist who worked ballet decors and costumes, as for theatre and even movie.

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