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Places I loved in Moscow

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1) the Kremlin, the actual seat of power and residence of the president.Formerly the citadel of Czars, originnally built in wood in 1156.

Don’ t miss the square with marvellous cathedrals, like the Assumption (picture) and the Annunciation. Impressive icones adorning the walls, some made by famous painter Andrei Rublev.I loved  the floor made of   jasper and agate (very rare) in the one of the  Annunciation.

there is a also a very pleasant garden inside the Kremlin, that looks like a city into a city.

to see absolutly : the diamod fund in the Kremlin museum !! I’ve never seen so much big gold nuggets ! and so many diamonds, like the mythical one the Orlov adorning Catherine sceptre.

The Kremlin museum is really worth visiting it :  the treasures offered by foreign courts to Russia , the dresses of the Great Catherine for coronation, the biggest collections of oldest coaches, splendid Fabergé works…many amazing testimonies of the wealth of Russian court.

2) The red square :

For me ,  I totally identify Moscow to that fabulous cathedral : Saint Bazil closing Red Square perspective. I feel like beeig in a Kandinsky painting, like a day dream. Oh my god, the sens of colours and decors, the proliferation of motifs, everything turns clear  ! you can even understand Malevith suprematism when you look at the clothes of saints painted on icons, adorned with black crosses and circles…

where to stay in Moscow and my favorite restaurants

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The most fashionable hotels and very well located are The Ritz-Carlton and The Park Hyatt, a stone throw from the Red Square.

Have a drink  on the top floor of the Park Hyatt, impressive view on Moscow.

My  favorite places for a diner :

– Baccarat restaurant :

located in a former casino (they are now forbiden all around Russia), impressive decor by Stark and Baccarat  of course. I’m already a fan of baccarat show room in paris and cristal room restaurant…The chef is french,from alsace  excellent tasting menu for 100 euros. Delicious mix between russian and french cuisine. Very Deluxe atmosphere and refined as well…

– Vogue Café. Trendy, elegant and tasty . Dress code : glamour

if you’re a Kamchatka crab’s fan, go ! delicious pastries too for afternoon tea.

Perfect place for a lunch or a drink.

Ok ok, my tips don’t look very russian, you would say… 😉 well, try this one :

Central House of Writers Restaurant

The House of Writers ‘ restaurant where we met the russian ambassadors in Madrid and Amsterdam…

For connoisseurs only, the best herrings with potatoes I’ve ever had !! excellent bortsch too, delicious zakouski, the perfect russian dinner in a cosy atmosphere. Go there with theatre peole or writers.

We celebrated Edwart’s birthday that evening and Sacha and Gallina offered a chocolate cake from famous Café Pouchkine (their Ladurée !), mmmm !  excellent !

Very cutting edge/ trendy, the places to go absolutly !! :

the Garage of course and Winzavod, 2 centers for very contemporary art, with cool and tasty restaurants :

will tell you soon about my favorite museums and places !!!

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Hi ! I know my blog was originally designed for Paris lovers ; a blog filed with tips, informations and news about the french capital but it’s also a blog devoted to travels and I just come back from Russia : we enjoyed it soooo much. Me and my fiancé stayed 5 days in Moscow then 5 days in St Petersburg and I really loved Russia immediatly !! I will write next days posts about my trip , including picures, what to see absolutly, where to go, where to eat…

Our trip was so marvellous and enchanted that I really want to share it with you ! And I take advantage to say a thousand warmest thanks to Sacha and Gallina Avdeev, the russian minister of culture and his wife, who received us so well and treated us like VIPs !! we’ll never forget it !


Welcome to my blog

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helllo ! My name is Anne Muraro, I invite you to visit my web site to know me better : I wanted to write a blog about my (art) life for a long time and here it is ! I would like to share with you my passion for art, culture and luxury life style  in Paris and maybe other places I will visit…